The size of your home will significantly affect the cost of your monthly energy bills. The larger the house, in total, the more electricity it uses and the higher the bills. So what are home energy costs?

Larger homes, for example, use more electricity for heating and cooling, and they are more likely to accommodate more people; a family of four, for example, will consume more resources than a two.

What Type Of House Do You Have? 

What type of house do you have? 

As a rule of thumb, the following assumptions could be used to estimate energy consumption for different types of homes: 

Terraced residence. two and three bathrooms The occupiers are a young family who uses energy during the day. They can sometimes use energy-consuming appliances.

Flat/Apartment One to two bedrooms are accessible. Employees or apprentices on a full-time basis. There are no energy-guzzling machines such as a dryer or dishwasher.

A home that is semi-detached. bedrooms ranging from four to three Occupants are members of a family that runs on batteries every day. Use energy-intensive appliances on a daily basis.

A detached house with at least four dwellings. Occupants are a large family and use electricity during the day and nighttime. Use certain energy-intensive machines on a daily basis.

Unfortunately, no “one-size-fits-all” method exists for estimating average energy usage for property class. These instances may describe certain families, but they are by no way everything. Other influences, such as diet and behaviour, play an important role. What if a family of four stays in a three-bedroom detached house and is really environmentally conscious? They may use less electricity than a couple who stays in a flat and always turns on the heating and lighting.

That is what our home energy costs are but what if you could save money on your home energy? Let us help with saving money on your energy bill.