Recycle your old Electricals

Recycling is the most responsible and safe way to dispose of electrical devices that are defective or beyond repair. Continue reading to learn how to recycle anything from big kitchen appliances to handheld gadgets.

Making the Switch to Green Energy Easy

Switching to green energy could reduce your carbon footprint by up to a fifth.

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Why recycle electrical items?

By recycling your old and discarded electrical products, you help the environment by stopping potentially toxic waste from entering landfills and contaminating soil and water.

What kinds of recyclable materials are used in small electronics?

Small electronics can not be thought of as miniature computers, but they share all of the same internal components. Motherboards contain precious metals such as copper and gold. If your small electronic device is powered by a battery, the battery is either made of lithium or nickel and cadmium.

How are tiny electronics disposed of?

An electronics recycler’s first step is to test items to see whether they can be fixed or refurbished. When recyclers come across non-working machines, they can remove the battery and recycle it alongside other batteries. The residual material may be manually shredded or dismantled to recover pieces or components for reuse. Plastic, glass, and metal are removed from shredded electronics and sent to manufacturers for use in new products.


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How does it work?

All you have to do is choose a recycle phone company,describe its condition. You can then compare your options and choose the best deal for you. Once you’ve decided, place your device in a padded envelope, mail it to your chosen business, and wait for your money.


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Recycle and make some money!


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