Recycle and do your best to help save the earth.

Our mission is to educate and save money in regards to being eco. The magnitude of the challenges confronting our planet may seem daunting, but we can all do something. Recycling is a simple way of helping protect the earth and you can also earn a few quid in the process.

Don’t forget to save on your energy bill.

With energy costs accounting for a sizable portion of most family budgets, it makes sense to look for ways to reduce the amount of gas and electricity you use.

Switch to Green Energy Now

We must decrease CO2 emissions and local air pollution, the whole worldmust quickly transition to low-carbon energy sources such as nuclear and renewable technologies.

More Options than Ever!

If you’re looking for a renewable energy firm, your options are expanding. There are now over ten green energy suppliers, as well as others offering special renewable tariffs.

Why should you recycle and save money?

How cost-effective is recycling?

Recycle My Old Electricals

Although it may be difficult to find recycling options, you should not throw your CDs away.

Recycle My Old Phone

Do you want to know how much your old phone is worth?

Recycle My Clothes

Good condition clothing and textiles can be donated and sold for re-use. This is an important step toward reducing the overall environmental impact of clothing.

Recycle My Old Ink Cartridge’s

Every ink cartridge saved from the landfill is a step in the right direction.

Latest Recycling Information

What Happens When the Wrong Items Are Recycled?

What Happens When the Wrong Items Are Recycled?

So What happens when the wrong items are recycled? Your search for a label, but you're still unsure. So you decide it's best to throw it in the recycling bin to be safe.  Reduced Productivity  Sorting is the first step in the disposal process. Our machine...

How to recycle properly?

How to recycle properly?

Most of us have experience with recycling at home. Depending on your local government, you'll either have a bag or a box (or multiples thereof). Where you can deposit items like card, aluminium, and plastic after you're done with them. So How to recycle properly?...

What plastics can and can’t be recycled?

What plastics can and can’t be recycled?

Thanks to the invention of the Resin Identification Code. It has been possible to detect the type of plastic used in many goods, packaging, and containers since 1988.  So what plastics can and can't be recycled? Well, you can tell that from the RIC code. This is...

Saving Money doesn’t have to cost the planet!

We are Eco Money Saver the experts with saving money and being eco. We compare eco markets from all over the UK and bring you the best prices.