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How much electricity do you consume on average?

Ofgem, the energy regulator, has established guidelines for categorising households as high, medium, or low energy users. Rather than simply looking at the type of property, this is a more precise way of calculating how much energy a household consumes. Energy...

How To Improve Your Home’s Efficiency

Taking a few easy steps, such as turning down your heating or switching to a lower washing machine setting, can significantly impact annual bills, and the sooner you start, the higher the savings. So how to improve your home's efficiency. Here are a few ideas to...

What Happens When the Wrong Items Are Recycled?

So What happens when the wrong items are recycled? Your search for a label, but you're still unsure. So you decide it's best to throw it in the recycling bin to be safe.  Reduced Productivity  Sorting is the first step in the disposal process. Our machine...

Saving Money doesn’t have to cost the planet!

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